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Toilet Training

My journey with Ben, my 10 week old Irish Setter, has made me realise how much work a puppy really is and toilet training is my main focus with Ben at the moment. Dogs are essentially clean animals, they don’t … Continue reading

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It’s OK To Loose Lead Walk

While I am an advocate for off lead walking there are times when you will need, or want to put your dog on lead. Walking with your dog on lead should be enjoyable time spent with your dog. Allow your … Continue reading

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‘Heel’…. For A Little While

Heeling is an important part of pet dog training. When you ask your dog to ‘heel’ they should be next to your left leg, paying attention to you, and ignoring everything else around them. It is a great exercise to … Continue reading

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Puppy Mouthing

Phew, I am so tired. I had forgotten how exhausting having a puppy is. The first few weeks home for your new dog is such an intense time. There is so much to teach them and you really need to be on … Continue reading

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Finding a Breeder

After choosing the Irish Setter as my next dog, the hunt was on for the right breeder. I used the Internet to search for the breeders in my State. I wanted to choose a breeder that did not live too far away … Continue reading

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