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Living In A Multi-Dog Household

For some of us one dog is not enough, and living with multiple dogs can be a great joy. However, looking after more than one dog requires more time and effort than living with one dog. Multiple dogs will often amuse and … Continue reading

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Dogs and Cats

Cats and dogs can make excellent friends, your cat can provide company and a play mate for your dog while you are away, but without the responsibility of owning and training two dogs. There was no doubt that when Lloyd passed away, … Continue reading

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Ben at Five Months

Ben is now five months old and the last two weeks have been turbulent. We have had a pretty major health scare with Ben. Ben began looking a little ‘flat’ one day, I thought it may have just been the heat, but … Continue reading

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Dominance and Your Dog

If you own a dog, at some stage you may have been told the following…. That your dog is a wolf in dogs’ clothing, and that your dog is always watching you for signs of ‘weakness’ so that they can … Continue reading

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