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Barking dogs probably tops the list of reasons complaints are filed with local Councils. Dogs bark for a variety of reasons and when you bring a dog in to your home you will encounter some barking, this is normal. However, excessive day time … Continue reading

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Play As A Reward

I have regularly written about finding your dogs’ ‘currency’ in order to make positive reinforcement training work. A reward is only going to work if your dog values, over and above, anything else, what you are offering them. Usually it’s … Continue reading

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Ben At Seven Months

As I write this Ben is laying down chewing a raw hide bone, the reason he is doing this, is every night at around dusk, Ben has a bit of a crazy stage. He races around the house, picks up … Continue reading

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Canine Body Language

Your dogs’ primary form of communication is their body, if you watch your dog carefully during any interaction you will notice that they are communicating the whole time. Many of the signals your dog gives last only a second or … Continue reading

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