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Children and Dogs Part I-The Beginning

‘Can we get a puppy?’, this question is where it all begins. Your children have been pestering you for months, may be years, with promises like, ‘I promise to take care of it’ or ‘I’ll walk and train it every … Continue reading

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Play And Socialisation For A Smarter Dog

Play is the best way to learn. By definition play is something enjoyable that you participate in willingly. Never assume that your dog can learn everything from you, they can’t. Much of their learning takes place through interacting with their … Continue reading

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Grooming Your Dog

Teaching your dog to enjoy grooming is an essential part of living a happy life with your dog. Some dogs require more grooming than others but all dogs need their body taken care of. The less stressful you can make … Continue reading

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My Best Dog Movies

Sometimes movies can push unrealistic expectations on all of our ‘normal’ dogs. Instead of wishing our dogs would wait forever for us, take down the bad guys, and tell us that Jimmy is stuck down a well, I like to … Continue reading

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Consistency in dog training will always make a behaviour more reliable. Dogs are very good at predicting the future, this is one of the reasons they  can be trained. Consistency means that your dog will be able to predict what … Continue reading

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