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Lead Walking Multiple Dogs

Living with multiple dogs can be a great joy but often presents many challenges. Often the dogs you have will be at different levels of obedience and will also have their own personalities that need to be catered for. So … Continue reading

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Lead Walking Problems?

One of the first things you will want to do when you bring your dog home is take them for a walk. Many people assume that their new dog will come to them already knowing how to walk on a … Continue reading

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Giving Up Some Control- Shaping Behaviours

In my last post I pondered the issue of control and raised some, hopefully, thought provoking questions. I also promised that I would write an article on relinquishing some control to improve your training. It may sound contradictory but often … Continue reading

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Control. How Much Do You Need?

I was at my local (fenced) dog park recently and noticed a lady throwing a ball for her dog. When her dog would run past her with the ball in his mouth she would shout at him to ‘come back’ … Continue reading

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Children and Dogs Part II-The Training

The decision to adopt a dog may have been yours, or it may have been thrust upon you by your children. In any case, children, no matter how young, can be involved in the care and training of the family … Continue reading

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