Do You Have a Question?

This blog was created for you, it is your resource, a place you can come to for help. I have been writing for some time now and thought that I would hand some of the input over to you.

If you have a dog training or behaviour question please email me and I will answer it as a post on this blog. Alternatively, if there is anything you feel has been missing from this blog that you would like to know more about, feel free to offer it as a topic I can write about, and others can comment on. I will be answering questions in addition to my weekly posts. This means more blog activity for all of you to get your teeth in to.

You never know, the questions you have may be the same questions someone else has. Your comments and questions will make this blog an even more relevant place for all pet dog owners to visit and receive support.

Please email questions and ideas to or you can simply leave them as a reply below.

Photo courtesy M.Frank                                                                              

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