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Your Questions: Bones For Dogs?

Hi Katarina, Can you please advise what are the best bones to give Chinno (choc spoodle) I have just read your article on how you give Ben a bone at that crazy time at dusk and would like to do … Continue reading

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Typically, adolescence occurs anywhere after five months of age and often if you are having a problem with any of your dogs’ behaviour and have done nothing about it, adolescence is the time it becomes worse. Living with an adolescent … Continue reading

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Do You Have a Question?

This blog was created for you, it is your resource, a place you can come to for help. I have been writing for some time now and thought that I would hand some of the input over to you. If you … Continue reading

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Ben at 10 months

If you have been following doglifetraining’s Facebook page you will have been seeing what Ben and I get up to on a day-to-day basis. Ben has now hit adolescence. Let the fun begin! Ben is now over 30kg of young … Continue reading

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