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Your Questions: Traveling With Your Dog?

Dear Katarina During the school holidays, we are planning on driving to visit friends in Northern NSW. It is a two day drive and we are taking our special four legged boy Obi. He is a pretty good car traveller, … Continue reading

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As Dogs Grow, They Change

Over the course of their life our dogs go though many behavioural changes. It is, for this reason, maintaining formal training is so important. It’s wonderful that so many people participate in puppy school, but do not assume that just … Continue reading

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Your Questions: Food and Loyalty?

Hi Katarina, We recently adopted a puppy from a shelter and are looking in to different training schools. While we like the sound of using food in training, we are concerned that our dog will not listen to us when … Continue reading

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The Big Three

Pick up any dog training manual and it will be filled with many different exercises you should teach your dog. From what I see with many of my clients, is that they simply do not have the time, or inclination, … Continue reading

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Your Questions: Multiple Dogs?

Dear Katarina, We have three dogs in our house, all cavalier king charles’ spaniels, ranging in ages one to three (who are siblings). The third dog came in to our lives unplanned when we were already having some difficulty with … Continue reading

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