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Does Every ‘Bad’ Behaviour Have To Be Fixed?

Many times each week I see a lady walking her small fluffy dog, each time I see this dog it barks at any cars that are passing by. I have been seeing this lady for years, and today I watched … Continue reading

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Your Questions: How Do Dogs Cope With Failure?

Hello Katarina, Your site is a breath of fresh air. I just got my first dog, a 5 month old mix breed (I suspect he has a lot of Australian Cattle Dog in him, but I can’t be sure, markings … Continue reading

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Corrections and Punishment

I have always used positive reinforcement to train dogs, even when I was young, using doggy chocs to train my Jack Russell puppy. I remember saying sit, sit, sit, over and over, and when he finally sat, I gave him … Continue reading

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Your Questions: Couch Jumping?

Hi Katarina, We have a three month old Bernese Mountain Dog, Como, and now that she has grown a bit she is starting to try to get up on the couch a lot more, we are pretty good at stopping … Continue reading

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Dog Park Etiquette

Most dog owners are aware of dog ownership laws when out and about with a dog. There are the obvious rules such as picking up after your dog and walking off lead in off lead areas etc. What I want … Continue reading

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