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Your Questions: Thunderstorm Phobia?

Hi Katarina, I have two dogs and the recent thunderstorms in Melbourne have prompted me to write to you. One of my dogs goes crazy barking and destroying my house during a storm, I become worried when a storm is … Continue reading

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The Recall In Action With Nemo

When I decided to care for Seeing Eye Dogs I thought it presented the perfect opportunity to start introducing video footage of the learning process for basic obedience skills, not only for puppies, but older dogs too. Over time I … Continue reading

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Puppy Immunity vs Socialisation

Hello Katarina, We have a nine week old puppy and have been receiving conflicting advice about whether or not to take her outside with us. Some people say that she could contract Parvo because she has not had all of … Continue reading

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Dog Breeds and Fashion Statements

It is often said that people will gravitate towards dogs that look like themselves. I am probably guilty of it as well, Ben was tall and lanky as am I, so maybe there was a slight resemblance, minus the red … Continue reading

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