The Recall In Action With Nemo

The Lovely Nemo

When I decided to care for Seeing Eye Dogs I thought it presented the perfect opportunity to start introducing video footage of the learning process for basic obedience skills, not only for puppies, but older dogs too. Over time I will be opening my home to many different dogs and puppies, all with their own personalities and behaviours that need to be developed. This training video has running commentary of what I am doing, and why I am doing it. But before you see this video you should know a little about Nemo.

Nemo is the first Seeing Eye Dog I have cared for and I soon realised that he had no off lead recall around other dogs. Nemo is 12 months of age and is a typical young Labrador, he loves other dogs and loves to play and wrestle, but I found that he completely forgot about me when he was around dogs. Nemo also rushes up to dogs as fast as he can, this can be scary for people and dogs, not to mention dangerous. When Nemo finds another dog who will play with him he plays very nicely and follows canine etiquette during play. However, if the dog does not want to engage in play Nemo pesters and pesters them, this can become rather annoying for people and their dogs, so a strong recall is vital. Nemo has never shown any signs of aggression.

Many people have similar problems with their dogs. In light of this I thought I would make a video of how I shape Nemo’s recall around other dogs.

Watch the video below to learn how you can start to develop your dogs’ recall skills. To see what Nemo and I get up to in our ‘spare time’ you can also visit our Facebook page.



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