Loose Lead Walking In Action

I’m sure you will find my latest video helpful….. unless you are in this situation

One of the most common problems I see with dogs is that they pull on lead, so I thought I would make a video of loose lead walking in action. I have been working on this with Nemo since the day he arrived, around 10 weeks ago.

Nemo was walked with a halter (over his nose) with his previous carer and I can see why, Nemo is a strong dog and can be difficult to hold around other dogs, but I want to teach him without the use of a halter so we do not become reliant on such a piece of equipment that dogs usually hate. In addition, Nemo does not pose a safety risk for me as I am strong enough to restrain him if required.

Nemo is improving all the time, but still finds it difficult to walk nicely as we approach other dogs, however, if I stay consistent this too will improve. Such a time frame just shows that this method of teaching is no quick fix, but when the changes are made they will be made for good, as it happens from within your dog, not forced from you or a piece of equipment.

During our walk to the off lead area I had to stop Nemo a total of 17 times because he was pulling, it took us a little over 10 minutes to walk to the park. On the way home we stopped once, and the journey took half the time, around five minutes. This is proof that if you can give your dog a run off lead before training loose lead walking you will have more success. Drive your dog to the park, work on some loose lead walking at the park for however long you can be patient for, then let them off lead again. Make sure the environment is easy for your dog to concentrate as they will need to think their way around this skill.

I hope you enjoy the video and it helps you see the process more clearly.



Photo http://itthing.com/crazy-dog-walking-fails

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