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Your Questions: Distractions

Hi Katarina, I have a nine month old Spoodle and he is great at listening at home but as soon as we go out for a walk he just ignores me. Yesterday, the only way I could catch him to … Continue reading

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Bonding With Older Dogs

Nemo is the first dog I have ever taken on as an older dog. Before Nemo came to live with me I remember worrying that we may not get along, he may try to run away and find his previous … Continue reading

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Socialisation In Action With Nemo

Nemo is the poster boy for early socialisation, he has been exposed to everyday life since he was eight weeks old and because of this he copes exceptionally well whenever life throws something scary his way. Nemo comes everywhere with … Continue reading

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Your Questions: When To Start Training?

Hello Katarina, I have a two month old Border Collie and I was wondering when the best time to start obedience training him would be, in terms of age? He is so little and young that I feel that he … Continue reading

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Why Does My Dog……?

People often come to me wanting to know why their dog engages in certain behaviour, and if truth be told, I do not always have the answer. As much as I would love to be able to get in to … Continue reading

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