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Dog Breeds And Training

Different breeds of dogs have different needs when it comes to socialisation and training. If you have a good understanding of your dogs’ breed you will be able to anticipate behaviours and train more effectively. All pure bred dogs in … Continue reading

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Your Questions: Teaching A Dog Road Safety?

Hello Katarina, I see people walking their dogs on the footpath without a lead, their dogs stop at the curb and seem to just know not to go on the road. I would love to be able to walk my … Continue reading

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The Development Of The Recall

There are so many wonderful things that come from having a dog with a reliable recall. You will be able to let your dog off lead at the park, you can use it to stop your dog jumping on people … Continue reading

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Choosing The Right Dog Breed

We are spoiled for choice with regard to dog breeds, small dogs, big dogs, hairless dog, hairy dogs, non-shedding dogs, and this is just with respect to how a dog looks. Personality characteristics also vary, from extremely outgoing to cat-like … Continue reading

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