Dog Breeds And Training

Different breeds of dogs have different needs when it comes to socialisation and training. If you have a good understanding of your dogs’ breed you will be able to anticipate behaviours and train more effectively.

All pure bred dogs in Australia are classified in groups. These groups are, toy breeds, terriers, gun dogs, hounds, working dogs, utility dogs and non-sporting dogs. Individual dog breeds are placed in to a group based on what they look like or what they were historically bred for.

Over the coming months I will be featuring each of the breeds by group as classified by the Australian National Kennel Council. These features will give you information on how to appropriately socialise and train your dog based on the group they fall within. It will also work for cross bred dogs, as these dogs are simply a mix of a couple of breeds.

If you want your dog to be a happy, well adjusted member of the community these articles will give you specific information on how to bring out the best in your dog. When you understand your dog trust develops, and you can have a true partnership.

Stay tuned for these articles in the coming months.


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