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Your Questions: My Dog Refuses To…..

Hi Katarina, I walk my neighbours dog and when I return him (he’s a lovely golden retriever) to the garage, he often doesn’t want to go in because, I assume, he doesn’t want to go home and hasn’t had enough … Continue reading

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Raw Food Diet

When Ben was diagnosed with Epilepsy I tried as best I could to eliminate as many unknown additives and chemicals from his life. One of the choices I made was to start feeding Ben a raw food diet, I felt … Continue reading

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Digging Dogs

Dogs dig for a variety of reasons and when you adopt a dog there should be an expectation that they will engage in this very normal canine behaviour. If you are very precious about your garden it would be wise … Continue reading

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Dog Breeds and Training- Terriers

My very first dog was a terrier, a Jack Russell called Skeeter who exhibited many terrier traits. Skeeter loved to dig and chase, and if he picked anything up in his mouth would give it a vigorous shake. Skeeter was … Continue reading

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