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Dog Training And Expectations

Some years ago a middle-aged woman came to see me with her one year old Kelpie, this lady was feeling overwhelmed by her dog. I asked her to write down what she expected and wanted from her relationship with her … Continue reading

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Clicker Training

When you train your dog they learn by associating the correct behaviour with a reward, this reward however must come in a timely manner otherwise you will end up rewarding the wrong behaviour. There is a tool that you can … Continue reading

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Dog Breeds and Training- Hounds

The hound group is broken in to two sub groups, scent hounds and sight hounds. These dogs were primarily used to hunt and hold or ‘bay’ quarry in large packs independently of their humans who would often arrive after the … Continue reading

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Where Should My Puppy Sleep?

Bringing a puppy home is a scary and exciting time, there are many decisions to be made about how you manage this new addition to the home, and one of them is sleeping arrangements. If this transition from breeder to … Continue reading

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Dog Breeds and Training- Gun Dogs

The group of dogs known as gun dogs are made up of water dogs, pointers, retrievers, setters and spaniels, including breeds such as Labrador, Golden Retrievers and German Shorthaired Pointers. These dogs were bred to assist with small game hunting. … Continue reading

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