My Trip To Croatia

A dog in Split

Over the past month I’ve been travelling through Turkey and Croatia.¬†Part of my journey took me to a small rural village about two hours east of Zagreb where my entire extended family live, the dogs that I encountered here were not all that cared for, it was hard to see them. On the other hand the dogs in the cities of Croatia seemed to be spoiled and well cared for, they would go everywhere with their owners and I saw many at the airports and in the hotels.

During my trip I took a lot of photos of the dogs in Europe, take a look at some of the dogs I found and their stories on the DLT facebook page.

Watching dogs and their owners during my trip I would hear people talk to their dogs and, although I can understand Croatian, it made me think of what it would be like for a dog trying to learn what words mean and how to respond to them. Our language is foreign to dogs. When a dog comes to us often they have no idea of what we want from them, it is up to us to patiently show them what we need them to do.



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