Canine Body Language Video: Nervous/Curious

Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 8.17.29 AM

Nemo is a little worried about what’s behind the gate.

Our dogs have to become comfortable with a lot of objects that often do not make sense to them. At some point you will come across something that ‘spooks’ your dog or puppy, the best way of helping your dog become used to the object is to allow him to spend time observing and interacting with the object.

Many dogs are fearful of objects to the point of shut down where they will not respond to you, food or anything else around them. This level of fear goes beyond nervousness and curiosity and requires special help. However, ‘spooking’ at something while still being interested and calm can be very rewarding because you know you have just introduced your dog to something new and are building his confidence.

In the video below Nemo is nervous when he passes a fence with a large exercise ball behind it. Watch the strategies Nemo uses to work out if this object is in fact something to be scared of, also take note of his body language and how it changes as he habituates towards the ball.

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3 Responses to Canine Body Language Video: Nervous/Curious

  1. Kathleen says:

    Good information. Thanks for sharing so we can help make Fido’s world big and fun and exciting, not scary and small.


  2. Interesting pic. I have been collecting material on body language. This is a good example. Notice the curve of his body, one paw raised, ears back. All signs associated with mild stress or anxiety.

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