Checking In Level 2: Orbital Walking Video

My last post was all about training your dog to check in with you during on lead and off lead walks. To reinforce this topic further I thought I would make a short video of my walk with Nemo today. I have highlighted the check ins Nemo gives and what you will also see is something I call orbital walking.

Orbital walking is a natural byproduct of teaching your dog to regularly check in with you, when you dog checks in he will also begin to follow you, this means any direction you move he will move with you, usually in a circular pattern. From a birds eye view it would look like your dog is orbiting you. When this has been mastered it will look magical because you do not need to call your dog to you, it is a true partnership, a thing of real beauty. Pat Parelli (a master horseman in the US) calls this ‘at liberty’ when he does this with his horses and I think it describes what you will see perfectly.

Nemo at liberty……

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