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How To Warm Up Your Dog

A warm up is essential to most things in life and this includes training your dog. Walking in to a distracting environment ‘cold’ and then expecting your dog to work for you when he is already over excited will perpetuate¬†impulsive … Continue reading

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Puppy Mouthing

Puppy mouthing is one of the most frequent causes of concern among new puppy owners. Lets take a look at what it is, why puppies engage in mouthing and what you can do to manage this behaviour with success. The … Continue reading

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Yes, You Can Socialise Your Baby Puppy

I want to get the message out there that you can socialise your puppy before they have completed their course of vaccinations, in fact you must socialise your puppy as soon as you bring him home. Too many people are … Continue reading

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Steps To A Happy Dog

Everyone wants a happy, healthy dog. When we decide to bring a dog in to our lives we have already formed a picture of wonderful walks, fun play times and total loyalty, we seem to expect these things. What we … Continue reading

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Early Morning Barking

Lately I have been getting lots of people writing in asking for help with their dogs early waking behaviour. One of the most difficult times when we bring home a new puppy are the early mornings, seven days a week. … Continue reading

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