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Skills that you and your dog should have in your tool box for a happy life together.

Toilet Training An Older Dog

Many people choose to adopt adult dogs thinking they can bypass many of the ‘issues’ associated with puppies, and for many adult dogs this is true, but for some adult dogs basic skills like toilet training may be a lesson … Continue reading

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The Up/Down Game

The *Up/Down Game is all about teaching your dog to focus but without the pressure we often put on ourselves and our dogs. Start by introducing this game at home either in your back yard or inside your house. Take … Continue reading

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Checking In

Usually when people bring a new dog in to their lives the first thing they teach is ‘sit’, while sit is a valuable skill there is another skill that is easier to teach. Teaching your dog to check in with … Continue reading

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Green Dogs- The Training

In my last post I introduced you to the idea of socialising green dogs, these dogs are typically young dogs who are still in a steep learning curve with regard to life skills. ¬†Managing the green dog is not only … Continue reading

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Front Door Safety

Our front doors are usually the last barrier to the outside world, a world where there are cars, people, birds, cats, smells to explore and other dogs, all of these things being very tempting for a dog who is inside … Continue reading

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