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An ‘as it happens’ journey of my life with a new puppy, intertwined with useful pre and post puppy information. You can laugh and cry with me!

Confinement Training

Puppies cannot and should not have the run of the house, they are often still in the process of toilet training and lack impulse control to stop themselves getting in to mischief. Confinement training will help your keep your puppy … Continue reading

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Your Puppy’s First Walks

Every dog should have a daily walk, these walks should start as soon as you bring your puppy home. These outings will give your puppy opportunities for socialisation and training to prepare them for all the things life has to … Continue reading

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Where Should My Puppy Sleep?

Bringing a puppy home is a scary and exciting time, there are many decisions to be made about how you manage this new addition to the home, and one of them is sleeping arrangements. If this transition from breeder to … Continue reading

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Socialisation In Action With Nemo

Nemo is the poster boy for early socialisation, he has been exposed to everyday life since he was eight weeks old and because of this he copes exceptionally well whenever life throws something scary his way. Nemo comes everywhere with … Continue reading

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Grief And New Beginnings

For many people, loosing a dog can be just as traumatic as loosing a family member. Feelings of anger, denial, sadness and guilt can occur. Everyone grieves over the death of their dog differently, some people need to bring a … Continue reading

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