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Watch rather than read training tips

Video: Mat Training 101

Mat training your dog can provide you with a tool to use to settle him in any environment. It does take some time though so be patient and treat it as positive time spent with your dog for their behavioural … Continue reading

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Front Door Safety

Our front doors are usually the last barrier to the outside world, a world where there are cars, people, birds, cats, smells to explore and other dogs, all of these things being very tempting for a dog who is inside … Continue reading

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Is Your Dog Playing or Fighting?

When dogs play they are engaging in mock combat and there are certain behaviours that dogs use to tell each other that what they are doing should not be taken seriously. Dogs are usually aware of these signals but we … Continue reading

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Canine Body Language Video: Nervous/Curious

Our dogs have to become comfortable with a lot of objects that often do not make sense to them. At some point you will come across something that ‘spooks’ your dog or puppy, the best way of helping your dog … Continue reading

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The Recall One Year On

About this time last year Nemo joined our family as part of the Vision Australia seeing eye dog puppy carer program. Nemo was ten months old when he came to us and had limited off lead training with other dogs, … Continue reading

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