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Watch rather than read training tips

Jumping On Visitors Video

Nemo, like many other young dogs, greets my guests with a little too much enthusiasm. Jumping and licking visitors is perfectly normal for excitable dogs but is something that many people would rather change about their dog. You can change … Continue reading

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Socialisation In Action With Nemo

Nemo is the poster boy for early socialisation, he has been exposed to everyday life since he was eight weeks old and because of this he copes exceptionally well whenever life throws something scary his way. Nemo comes everywhere with … Continue reading

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The Recall In Action With Nemo

When I decided to care for Seeing Eye Dogs I thought it presented the perfect opportunity to start introducing video footage of the learning process for basic obedience skills, not only for puppies, but older dogs too. Over time I … Continue reading

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Canine Body Language

Your dogs’ primary form of communication is their body, if you watch your dog carefully during any interaction you will notice that they are communicating the whole time. Many of the signals your dog gives last only a second or … Continue reading

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Leroy the Pig and Clicker Training

A number of months ago I was approached to train a pet piglet, named Leroy. I saw this as an amazing opportunity to ‘test’ the method of training I use on dogs, on another species. I had heard that pigs … Continue reading

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