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Lead Walking Problems?

One of the first things you will want to do when you bring your dog home is take them for a walk. Many people assume that their new dog will come to them already knowing how to walk on a … Continue reading

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On Lead Greetings

On lead greetings with other dogs can be very restrictive for both of the dogs involved. The following is an example of what often occurs between two dogs and their people when there is an on lead greeting. You are walking … Continue reading

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Living In A Multi-Dog Household

For some of us one dog is not enough, and living with multiple dogs can be a great joy. However, looking after more than one dog requires more time and effort than living with one dog. Multiple dogs will often amuse and … Continue reading

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Summer Holidays

It’s so wonderful to have Christmas approaching and with it comes summer holidays. The holidays are often a time where we go away, spend more time with our family (including the furry ones), and indulge in a little good food. So what happens … Continue reading

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It’s OK To Loose Lead Walk

While I am an advocate for off lead walking there are times when you will need, or want to put your dog on lead. Walking with your dog on lead should be enjoyable time spent with your dog. Allow your … Continue reading

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