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Ben at 10 months

If you have been following doglifetraining’s Facebook page you will have been seeing what Ben and I get up to on a day-to-day basis. Ben has now hit adolescence. Let the fun begin! Ben is now over 30kg of young … Continue reading

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Play As A Reward

I have regularly written about finding your dogs’ ‘currency’ in order to make positive reinforcement training work. A reward is only going to work if your dog values, over and above, anything else, what you are offering them. Usually it’s … Continue reading

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Ben At Seven Months

As I write this Ben is laying down chewing a raw hide bone, the reason he is doing this, is every night at around dusk, Ben has a bit of a crazy stage. He races around the house, picks up … Continue reading

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Breaking Down The Recall

I cant read dogs’ minds but I’m sure many would rather be walked off lead most of the time. But in order to let your dog loose you need to know how to recall them. Allowing your dog the freedom … Continue reading

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Living In A Multi-Dog Household

For some of us one dog is not enough, and living with multiple dogs can be a great joy. However, looking after more than one dog requires more time and effort than living with one dog. Multiple dogs will often amuse and … Continue reading

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