Video: Mat Training 101

Mat training your dog can provide you with a tool to use to settle him in any environment. It does take some time though so be patient and treat it as positive time spent with your dog for their behavioural benefit and bond building.

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My Puppy Hates The Crate

I get lots of questions from people all over the world and many recently have been surrounding puppies who hate the crate. Check out my latest video addressing crate training fundamentals on the doglifetraining YouTube channel.

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Lay Down/Drop Part II

Here’s part two of working on “drop” with your dog, have some fun with it. Drop isn’t a critical skill so take your time and allow your dog to enjoy the puzzle.

In other news, I’ve been receiving heaps of questions from all of you which is fantastic, but I can’t get to them all so thought I would address some in video format. Stay tuned, it could be your question I answer.

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Lay Down/Drop

One of the basic skills people love to teach their dogs is to “lay down” or “drop”. Drop can be used to help with mat training, stay and is a progression to such tricks as play dead and roll over. Your dog must know how to sit on cue before attempting the drop.

As with most skills there is a process of learning your dog will need to go through to become competent at drop. This video will start at the first step, how to lure your dog to drop. Please watch the video, try it with your dog and then come back to this article for help with troubleshooting depending on what you may be struggling with.

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Learning From Meal Time Manners

IMG_6337Almost every person who calls me will say the following. “I know my dog can learn fast, I taught him to sit for his meals after only a couple of days. Now, he sits as soon as I pick up his bowl”. Let’s have a look at this scenario and understand why our dogs learn this skill so quickly and how you can apply meal time manners learning pace to other skills.

There are three reasons our dogs learn meal time manners fast, 1) training is consistent 2) location stays the same 3) massive reward.

Consistency. Teaching meal time manners usually occurs at meal times, this means that practice will happen at least once every single day or up to three times every day for years. Continue reading

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